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Please complete the form in its entirety. Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you will be redirected to our payment processor to pay for your listings. When joining, you get a listing for one state whether consumer or commercial. If you would like more than one state, simply indicate it below. Please keep in mind that your first state listing costs $99.95 and each additional state is $35. If you want to be in both consumer and commercial add an additional $50 regardless of how many states are chosen. To be added to the National Consumer or National Commercial Directories, the cost is $50.00 each annually. You can list in just the National Directories if you so desire.

Here's an example: Say you want to be listed as a commercial collection agency in Colorado (cost $99.95) but you want to be listed in Arizona too! (additional cost $35) Since you also do consumer collections in both states, you want to be listed for both states in the consumer directory as well (cost $50)...Total cost breaks down like this: $99.95 + $35 + $50 = $184.95 per year.

Another example: You want 10 state listings in the commercial directory with only 3 of states chosen being listed in the consumer directory. Your first state costs $99.95 your nine additional states cost $315. Adding the three states to the consumer directory costs $50. Total cost $99.95 + $315 + $50 = $464.95 per year

 Collection Agency Information
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States Chosen To List In
First State Listing  costs $99.95
Additional State Listings Cost
 x $35 per state =

Consumer Only Yes
Commercial Only Yes
Consumer and Commercial Yes (add $50.00)
  If you check both consumer and commercial, we will call you to see which state listings go in which directories
National Consumer Directory Yes (add $50.00)
National Commercial Directory Yes (add $50.00)
Total Amount To Pay Annually
For more than 10 state listings, please call us at 912-261-9133. We have volume discounts available.

By clicking the submit button below, you agree to list your collection agency information on eDebtCollector for a period of one year for the states and types of collection selected. This is a non-cancelable legally binding agreement for the stated listing period of one year and any subsequent listing periods thereafter shall be determined by the listing party/payor by sending an email or written notice of cancellation or by paying our invoice for renewal 30 days prior to the end of the current one year term or anniversary date. Your anniversary date is one year from the date this form is submitted.

Once you click the submit button below, you will be redirected to a page where you can pay for your selected listings. We utilize our Debtmonitor PayPal account to process all annual listing payments. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply pay for your listings as a PayPal guest using your credit card. Any questions regarding this form, please call us at 912-261-9133.



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