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Collection agencies, collection attorneys and vendors to the Collection Industry can join our network for a $195.00 annual membership fee. Your membership entitles you to one state or country listing on theXchange Network. You will also receive a complimentary profile page which will showcase the detailed info about your company including a hyperlink to your web site if you have one. This showcase will give your company tremendous exposure for the state or country where you are located, as viewed by a global audience. If joining, please click here to fill out your Collection Firm Profile Page.

Multiple State or Country Listings are available on theXchange Network for an additional $50.00 per year, per state or country that you want to be listed in. You will also receive a company profile page with each additional state or country listing that you purchase. The more states or countries that you are listed in, obviously the greater the exposure for your company, in not only theXchange Network but the global marketplace as well.

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Does your company offer any additional services such as demand letters, credit reporting, or skip tracing? Please list them here as we may refer prospective clients to you for such services.

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Once you click the button below, you will be transported to our Debtmonitor payment screen with PayPal to make your membership payment. You can use your credit card to pay as a PayPal guest without having to be a member of PayPal. Remember to include $50 extra for each additional state or country that you wish to be listed in. (you get 1 (one) state or country with your annual $195.00 membership fee.


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